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Escape the rain: come to North East England, driest part of the UK

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Bamburgh Castle from Seahouses, the Northumberland coast

Bamburgh Castle from Seahouses, the Northumberland coast

So it’s official – April has been the wettest on record, and apparently the official forecast for May isn’t that much better.

This is the kind of news that dampens the spirit of even the most intrepid of explorers. Holiday makers or day visitors want even just a bit of sunshine on their  precious time off.

So if you are a seeker of drier climes, the we’ll let you in on a little-known secret: the East of England and the Scottish Borders have one of the driest climates in the UK.

The Met Office website says: “The average annual rainfall exceeds 1500 mm in the higher parts of the Pennines. There is a decrease as the land falls eastwards, such that the east coast is one of the driest parts of the UK with less than 600 mm in places such as Tees-side and the Northumbrian coast.”

And a recent anecdote from people in and around Seahouses confirms that. “Why all the fuss about the rain?” they asked, as the rest of us complained. “It’s dry here.”

So there you have it. The Northumberland coast and Scottish Borders coast are usually dry and quite often sunny when it’s raining elsewhere.

If you’re looking for a rain-free location this spring – come to Northumberland.


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