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Northumberland Ospreys Return to Kielder for 2013

Other posts by  |  Steve Smith on Google+ |  May 1, 2013 | 0 Comments
Kielder osprey

A Kielder osprey

Great news for Northumbrian wildlife fans and osprey fans in particular – the birds have returned to Kielder Water & Forest Park.

Already two eggs have been laid. The birds will have returned all the way from Africa to breed and raise young chicks. The birds were first spotted in 2009 and have been returning ever since.

In total Kielder has produced 12 young ospreys over the last four years.

Two nests have are established. Volunteers and staff from Northumberland Wildlife Trust say that they believe some of the Ospreys have been to Kielder in previous years. They may not be on the same nests, however.

Ospreys are birds of prey and eat mostly fish. They have created an incredible amount of interest in the North of England.

The two nests have webcams taking close-up pictures. There is a at Kielder where people can watch the eggs hatch and the young grow and make their first flights.

Malte Iden, Forestry Commission recreation ranger at Kielder Water and Forest Park, said the ospreys’ return had been met with “great enthusiasm” and he was “hopeful the chicks will soon be on their way”.

You can get regular updates here on the official Kielder Osprey blog.

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