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Dog friendly holiday cottages, Northumberland accommodation and your pet

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Dog friendly Northumberland Accommodation

Dunsdale holiday cottage in Northumberland is a great place for dog owners and their dogs

Taking your dog on holiday is becoming an accepted part of the British holiday season.

Pet-friendly cottages in Northumberland

Many holiday cottage owners now see this as an essential part of their plan to grow their occupancy rates and are happy to welcome well-behaved dogs. But what makes a holiday with your dog into a successful and stress free holiday?  As a family who have enjoyed some great Northumberland holidays in Northumberland Accommodation with our dogs here is our wish list of the top 10 dog friendly tips.

Is the house really suitable?

We know that there are many holiday cottages where the advertisement says “one well-behaved dog” but that doesn’t really tell us enough. What we want to know is if the cottage owner understands what doggy people want or have they just put that in to make up the rent? We will often ask if we can bring a second dog just to see the reply. If it comes back as “sure, as long as you look after them” then you are probably going to be alright.

Dogs need plenty of space. This one enjoys the sunny conservatory at The Deeps

What is the inside of the holiday home like?

We love uncluttered spaces and laminate or tiled floors. This is so much better to avoid knocking things over and the floors are easier to clean. Beautifully arranged ornaments along with light coloured carpets are always a problem.

Is there a utility room or a kitchen with tiles where the dogs can lie to dry off?

Of course we will dry them before they come in but even then they still will have sand or grit in their coats. A large tiled room to leave them in is a luxury indeed.

What is the area immediately outside the Northumberland holiday cottage like?

Best of all would be gravel or flagstones with an outside tap. Having hard standing as opposed to wet grass is so much easier for cleaning them down.

We love enclosed gardens or at least a wall or fence around the house. Most dogs will settle down and stay within the garden as long as there isn’t an easy escape.

The enclosed garden at Coldburn keeps dogs safe

The enclosed garden at Coldburn keeps dogs safe

Are there farm animals nearby?

Always a worry but having a substantial and empty field alongside can be a real help.

Busy roads or traffic?

This is always a challenge. We have been amazed by the way some photographers can manage to miss out the busy road right next to the house. You just have to ask before you book!

A stream nearby?

Now this is a luxury especially when you have had a day out on Bamburgh beach. Other than waiting for the sand to drop out as they dry the only way to clean them is literally into the river with the dogs.

Visiting dog owners love easy walks close by. This is Ted in the College Valley, Nortnumberland.

Access to easy walks?

We love being able to take the dogs out straight from the front door. No trips in the car just open the door and out you go.

An outside kennel or shed.

Very rare indeed but sometimes you do get a shed or an enclosure where they can be shut in.

The kennels at Dunsdale

The kennels at Dunsdale

So having laid out our top ten wish list where would we recommend? Here are three houses which tick all the boxes. They are available through where Vicky Reed will be able to offer good advice on the best holiday cottages.

Dunsdale house in the College Valley. It is possibly the highest house in Northumberland. It has outside kennels, hard standing, plenty of walks and no traffic. All the space you could want and there is even a stream nearby.

Coldburn in the College Valley. Memorable for the walled garden and the great views.

The Deeps is another excellent choice for dog owners looking for a holiday cottage

The Deeps, Blanchland. You get your own field and the house is very practical for dogs. Isolated and with some great walking. Interestingly the house was previously owned by Rowan Atkinson!

Happy dogs on holiday and ready for the day ahead

This is a sponsored feature by Northumbrian Byways – offering quality self-catering holiday cottages in Northumberland and the Scottish Borders. 

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