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Bamburgh Castle Northumberland a superb location for landscape photography

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Bamburgh Castle Northumberland by Keith Moss

Bamburgh Castle Northumberland by Keith Moss

The awe-inspiring Bamburgh castle lies just north of Seahouses, Northumberland.

It’s one of the most awesome castles in England and sits literally on the beach. Just past the castle as you enter the village, there’s a right turning, take it, it’s single track, dead end, don’t worry,  it takes you round the back of the castle where you can park in a lay by and view the magnificent vista which is Bamburgh castle.

We made this camp on the second day of our location hunting trip, for the iconic coast and castle Northumberland landscape course recently. For once no hard leg work to do, just watch the tide, drama and clouds pass whilst having a brew or two in our camp, sometimes life’s hard!

The sky’s are so big here in Northumberland and the beaches vast and endless with beautiful mountainous sand dunes and the sand is the colour of summer, it’s a place where you can shake the big black hole that’s been winter this year.

I loaded a roll of Ilford Pan F + into my Mamiya 645 AFD and strolled on to the beach, I had studied where I mite set up my camp from which to take this magnificent landscape.  I had watched many photographers wander to the same spot, plonk there tripod and press the shutter.

I wanted something different, after all this castle had been captured by the Anglo Saxons, destroyed by the Vikings and rebuilt by the Normans, it has been battered over the centuries by the winds and mammoth storms from the north seas, cutting it short, it had seen much drama. I wanted to do it justice.

Images are taken on a Mamiya 645 AFD with a 35 mm lens, Film is Ilford Delta 100 asa developed in ID 11. Find out more about my landscape photography workshops, and about Keith Moss Photography. Follow me on Twitter  or see our Facebook page.

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