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Landscapes: a day with Keith Moss, photographer, in North East England

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Keith Moss

Keith Moss

Landscape photography in the North of England, including Northumberland

My mouth always waters at the thought of a weekend spent in Northumberland photographing the landscape, it’s such a rich place to go for the perfect landscape.

The morning always starts with a bacon and sausage sandwich usually after camping the night before in our campervan.

We packed our camera backpacks with food, drink and the obligatory waterproofs. Leaving just enough room for my favourite film camera a twin lens Rolleiflex, which was made the same year I was born 1959, my favourite film Ilford PanF + and my carbon fibre Manfrotto tripod which is as light as a feather.

A stunning image of Hadrian's Wall, taken by Keith Moss on a recent photography workshop in Northumberland

A stunning image of Hadrian’s Wall, taken by Keith Moss on a recent photography workshop in Northumberland

We walked to Holy Island from the campsite, which took us a couple of hours. The landscape was magnificent, the light and mood changing all the time but for some reason the landscape didn’t tempt me to get my camera out.

It’s funny but when I am shooting film I go out with an image and mood in my mind and if I don’t see it on my journey I don’t take anything, but if I go out with my digital camera I can snap away at everything but then when I get back feel disappointed that I haven’t captured what was in my mind when I set off… if you know what I mean.

Anyway Pat had packed the radio in her backpack and had it tuned to Radio 2 for the breakfast show, we were smiling throughout the two hours.

The weather was warm and sunny when we had set off but just as we reached Holy Island by the beach the heavens opened. So on with our waterproofs we headed for a café at the other end of the island. By the time we arrived we were like drowned rats but the lady very kindly let us in even though we had Poppy our dog with us.

A couple of cakes and warm cups of coffee later the sun came out and we set off back to the campsite fuelled for the walk back. The tide was still in so we couldn’t cross over to the mainland so we spent an hour sitting in the middle of the road surround by silence, the only sound being Pat’s radio blaring out Radio 2, bathed in sunshine waiting for the road to clear… it was very surreal.

Just before the road totally cleared we paddled across to the mainland which was a lovely experience, Poppy loved it she was splashing around like a spring lamb. When we reached the mainland we were greeted by a queue of cars waiting to go across, the occupants of which were all watching the antics of us as we had crossed.

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