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What kind of foodie dad is yours?!

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Mark Robertson, founder and director of Blagdon-based Northumberland Cheese Company

Mark Robertson, founder and director of Blagdon-based Northumberland Cheese Company

Father’s Day is almost upon us, and no matter what kind of foodie dad you have, we want to make sure that he gets a gift he really wants this year.

We’ve curated a Foodie Dads Collection with different collections of Great North food and drink gifts and experiences tailored to each type of dad.

Perhaps yours is a ‘cheesy dad’, which the dictionary describes as ‘slightly embarrassing and lacking in good taste’, but we say he is a man of both exceptional style and good taste, who likes the finer things in life and deserves them too.

Championing our Cheesy Dad Collection is Mark Robertson, founder and director of Blagdon-based Northumberland Cheese Company.

We caught up with Mark, who is a father and grandfather, about Father’s Day and what he would recommend for fellow cheesy dads…

Q: How many children and grandchildren do you have?

A: I’ve got three sons: Christopher, 40, Julian, 39 and Louie, 31, and four young grandchildren: Sam, Emily, Archie and Hugo. Two of my sons live abroad – one in Australia and one in the Czech Republic – but we try and meet up regularly. I’m looking forward to travelling to Sydney later this summer.

Q: What do you normally do on Father’s Day?

A: I look forward to receiving Father’s Day cards from my sons around the world – they always include some sort of irreverent comment though! I also catch up with them via Skype, so it’s nice to see them even if it’s not in person.

Q: What has been your favourite Father’s Day gift?

A: Although it wasn’t actually on Father’s Day, my family and I recently gathered in the Czech Republic for my son’s 40th birthday. That was my idea of a great gift as we all had chance to catch up and celebrate together.

Q: Which of your cheeses would you recommend for other cheesy dads?

A:  My favourite is the Coquetdale, which is included in our Cheese Treats Hamper in the collection. This is the first cheese I ever made, over 30 years ago now. Cheesy dads will love it – it’s creamy, fruity and full of character, and goes very well with the fruit cake and mango chutney in the hamper.

Q: If you weren’t a cheesy dad, what kind would you be?

A: Probably a hands-on dad – I’m always getting involved in various projects!

You can indulge your dad’s love of all things cheese-related with one of Northumberland Cheese Company’s artisan hampers, or a cheese tasting and tour – just go to

We also have delicious gifts and experiences for chilli-loving hot dads, meat-eating game dads, and hands-on dads who hate to stand by and watch others have all the fun. See them all at

We’re running a competition to win a mini keg of beer and a brewery tour at The Stables MicroBrewery, Beamish Hall, plus a Northumberland Cheese hamper. Go to, and let us know what kind of dad he is and why he’s amazing. After you’ve entered you’ll also receive a code for 10% off our collections.

Don’t forget to tweet us @TasteClubHQ to let us know in 140 characters what kind of foodie dad yours is and why, or vote in our Facebook poll at

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