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Wind in the Willows adaptation looks at future of transport

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Actors and crew with the Daimler and Peugot i-on electric vehicle

Actors and crew with the Daimler and Peugot i-on electric vehicle

The Kenneth Graham classic, Wind in the Willows will be on at The Phoenix Theatre in Blyth beginning April 26 and running until April 28.

It is a Young Phoenix production and an adaptation by Zoey Zimmerman. In this adaptation the  production takes the setting from the early 20th Century, but looks to the future of transport systems within our modern 21st Century.

The storyline has been updated to appeal to the modern age, but all of Grahame’s favourite characters are here – timid Mole, poetic Ratty and the reckless Toad.  In this version they are joined by a hungry Otter and Badger, who has become an eco-warrior whose mission is to rid the world of all motor cars to make the world a better place. The whole of the riverbank, and modern day life is here from soup-making shrews to psychoanalyst voles, from engineer hedgehogs to long-suffering horses, and of course, not forgetting the band of rascally weasels.

As part of the rehearsals the Young Phoenix have undertaken debates on pollution and carbon footprint and how best we can make changes to make things better for the future.  This was all part of their character development work and has given them a real insight into the problems of pollution.

The script itself lends to these discussions, as Toad points out (in the script), “what if cars were built in such a way that they didn’t make the rivers sick?” Or do away with gasoline altogether.” Harry and Henry the Hedgehogs (the scientists) believe that this is totally doable, saying “there’s already a design for that we just need to come up with a good marketing scheme.”

Derek Cansfield, owner of a 1940 DB18 Tickford Daimler, is allowing the production to borrow his car. The production is looking to the future and electric vehicles as suggested by Harry and Henry.  Future Transport Systems have brought along an electric vehicle from their Switch EV scheme.

The Phoenix Theatre is a modern independent theatre, run by volunteers from the Blyth Arts and Community Association serving Northumberland and the north east.

Tickets priced £9.00, £8.00 for concession for this event can be obtained online at or by telephoning the Box Office on 01670 367228.



Please contact Wendy Bell, Phoenix Theatre regarding photo opportunity.

The Phoenix Theatre, Beaconsfield Street, Blyth, Northumberland, NE24 2DS
Box Office Telephone No: 01670 367228


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