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Tracking Autumn’s progress in Northumberland

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Help the Woodland Trust discover how autumn is unfolding © Ian Britton/

The Woodland Trust is calling on people to monitor the onset of autumn and provide feedback so that it can track the progress of the season.

Spring 2011 was possibly the earliest on record, and signs show that autumn has been early too.

Some scientists and phenology experts believe that autumn will be early because leaves have a shelf-life, so the earlier they appear on the trees, the earlier they will be shed in autumn. Others believe that trees continue growing and retain their leaves for as long as temperatures are high and water is available.

With such unusually warm weather in early autumn, this year’s colour display is set to be particularly spectacular.

Help the Woodland Trust learn how autumn has unfolded this year by recording the season’s key events on nature’s calendar.

What key events is the Wooland Trust looking for?

  • Trees getting their first and full autumn colour. Be sure to look out for true autumn tinting – vivid red, gold, and brown leaves rather than dry, brown, wilted leaves.
  • Bramble and blackthorn producing ripe fruit
  • Swallows and swifts leaving for winter; fieldfares and redwings arriving
  • Ivy flowering
  • Fly agaric fungi blooming.

Download your pack here.

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