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Stained glass and mosaic glass making courses on offer

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A piece of finished glass work by one of Dawn and Jan's students

Stained glass and glass mosaic courses are now on offer in Northumberland.

Courses are available for the total beginner through to the more experienced crafts person and are being offered by Dawn and Jan Watson of Harbottle.

The Stained Glass Course is for newcomers and covers how to cut glass; construction techniques, starting with leading and moving on to copper foil; soldering; finishing caulking and how to handle the completed work.

For those interested in taking a course but unsure about their design skills, Dawn says students can use one of their small set templates to get an insight into the glass making process before working on their own pattern for the second project.

“Learning the basic processes helps the participant get a better understanding of how to design for glass work,” explained Dawn. “That said, some students prefer to work on their own ideas from the start and we try our best to see them through this process.”

The Glass Mosaic Weekend is a programme that gives students a chance to use their glass cutting skills and learn how to prepare surfaces to take mosaic, as well as the direct method for laying the montage.

“You can make projects such as wall plaques, mirrors and tray and table tops. You can lay mosaic on almost any flat surface as long as it will not flex,” added Dawn. “This course is open to complete beginners or those with some glass work experience. The beginner will also be shown the basic glass cutting techniques necessary.”

All necessary specialist equipment is provided and a selection of materials are available to buy at the class as you need them.

Creating a glass design

“Our aim is to make sure students complete a course with their own work of art, and more importantly that they have enjoyed the learning process,” said Jan. “We try to assist them to progress at a pace that suits them and to create projects that they want to make.”

To find out more about glass making, go here, or contact Dawn at


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