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Roman radio comedy by Tyneside writers aired

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The cast of It’s Grim Up North (l-r) Dale Meeks, Mat Hobbins, Gary Kitchin, Jackie Fielding, Karen Traynor, Dean Logan and Chris Connel

A new comedy looking at the light hearted side of life on Hadrian’s Wall 2000 years ago will have its premiere radio broadcast next week.

It’s Grim up North by Tyneside-based playwrights Ed Waugh and Trevor Wood – whose national and international comedy stage play hits include Dirty Dusting, Waiting For Gateaux and Son of Samurai – can be heard on BBC Radio Cumbria between March 5-9.

As reported in January on, it follows the exploits of a group of dodgy Roman auxiliary soldiers building Hadrian’s Wall in AD 126.

The new series was commissioned by BBC Cumbria managing director Nigel Dyson after he heard the pilot show on Ed and Trevor’s website.

Nigel said: “It’s terrific to have such writers as Ed Waugh and Trevor Wood producing new writing for us and it’s fantastic for our audience to be able to enjoy this. I can’t wait to hear it.”

Trevor added: “We are grateful to Nigel and BBC Radio Cumbria for being so positive and pro-active. We loved working on the show and it’s great fun. We are always keen to hear feedback via our website.”

The cast of It’s Grim Up North comprises Dale Meeks, Dean Logan, Gary Kitching, Mat Hobbins, Karen Traynor, Chris Connel and Jackie Fielding, who play a variety of characters based around Drizzlewort, a milecastle on the wall.

They include Britons from south of the wall, rebellious Picts and auxiliaries from sunnier parts of the vast Roman Empire – hence their dislike of the constant rain in the wilds of Northumberland’s picturesque but cold and wet moors.

The five, six-minute episodes of It’s Grim Up North can be heard live on BBC Radio Cumbria at 10.10am, starting on March 5, with the subsequent episodes transmitting at the same time throughout the week.

Those outside the BBC Radio Cumbria area can listen to the episodes at ‘Listen Live’ or ‘Listen Again’ at

It will be available online from March 5 until March 18.




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