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Plea to nurture Northumberland wildlife on UK Kindness Day

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David Jamilly is one of the names behind UK Kindness Day © Channel 4

People are being urged to be more caring towards the region’s wildlife to mark UK Kindness Day on November 13.

Children’s charity founder and Secret Millionaire star David Jamilly and humanitarian Louise Burfitt-Dons founded the UK Kindness Day campaign which takes place each November.

The movement, which has the support of a number of public figures including Gary Lineker, Peter Snow and David Tennant, believes that acts of compassion and good deeds become an integral part of everyone’s daily life and that the UK sets the standard for kindness around the world.

At 1pm on November 13, campaign organisers are asking people to pause for 30 seconds to reflect on kindness which could be: caring acts that have had an impact on them, a thoughtful deed they can carry out for someone and what benevolence means to them as individuals.

People are also being asked to perform at least one act of kindness or a good action on that day.

Now Northumberland Wildlife Trust is urging the public to think about how they can be kinder to our planet, environment and nature as a whole in these times of financial chaos.

The charity is particularly concerned that people will become dislocated from wildlife and would like them to focus their attention on how they can live more lightly on the Earth.

Mike Pratt, Northumberland Wildlife Trust chief executive,  said: “UK Kindness Day is a date for everybody’s calendar.  It asks people to treat each other and the planet kindly, to go out of their way to get on with one another and to respect and conserve the planet.

“Having met the national organiser David Jamilly, I am convinced this is another great opportunity to remind us all of the importance of treating wildlife and people with kindness. It means regarding the environment as our life support system we depend upon and by working hand in hand with nature we can improve our quality of life too, all of which is close to the heart of Northumberland Wildlife Trust.”

He continued: “I would encourage everyone to make a gesture, be it by volunteering for a day, joining a conservation organisation or providing a wildlife feature in their garden – please do one thing at least on the 13th, to demonstrate your kindness and love for nature.”


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