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Kielder osprey watch intense after earlier loss of chicks in Northumberland

Other posts by  |  Sheelagh Caygill on Google+ |  June 27, 2012 | 0 Comments
The Kielder osprey chicks in next number two with one of the adult ospreys

The Kielder osprey chicks in next number two with one of the adult ospreys

Kielder Osprey update

The osprey chicks at Kielder Forest and Water Park in Northumberland have had a very good week since the tragedy of the past two weeks.

The chicks are fighting tough odds in what is likely to be the wettest spring and early summer on record.

The Kielder osprey chick on nest number one is flexing its weeks a lot, and getting much bigger and moving around the nest.  The other two chicks on this nest vanished a few weeks ago and no one knows what happened to them. This remaining chick has been able to take as much food as he can suppliedby his dad.

Nest number two with three chicks is doing well.  The smallest of these – which one feared dead a few weeks ago – is still very diminutive compared with its siblings, but it is feeding and the hope is that it pulls through. Every day it grows stronger.   The chicks on the nest were born about ten days after the osprey chicks on nest number one.

The bad weather has caused some technical glitches with the live CCTV footage from the nests, but video has been restored and staff and public at Kielder Castle and Leaplish Waterside Park are keeping a close watch on the chicks.

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