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Kielder osprey chicks continue to grow – learn to carry fish while flying!

Other posts by  |  Sheelagh Caygill on Google+ |  August 13, 2012 | 0 Comments
Kielder osprey chick

A Kielder osprey was ringed last month and is now flying

Northumberland Kielder osprey update

The young Northumberland osprey chicks at Kielder are growing and developing quickly after surviving tough weather this spring and summer, along with record rainfall earlier on.

They are still using their birthplaces for feeding and, occasionally, sitting.

Nest number one is empty more of the time than nest number two, and with just the one fledging this is to be expected.

There is no evidence yet that the youngsters are catching their own fish. However, the male on nest two flew onto the nest holding a tail end yesterday but it was obviously the remains of one he’d been eating earlier. At least he’s mastered carrying and flying!

On nest two, the youngster was calling for a fish yesterday afternoon to no avail. Some of the calls sound quite plaintive, but others are more impatient squawks! The adult Northumberland ospreys are now tending to feed the growing chicks less in order to encourage the young ospreys to try to fish themselves.

The adult females could be starting their migration to West Africa very soon, especially from nest number one. On nest two the mother osprey is still on and off the nest during the day.

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