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Judges love the Rothbury hot burger!

Other posts by  |  Sheelagh Caygill on Google+ |  April 27, 2012 | 0 Comments
Morris Adamson with his hot new chilli burgers

Morris Adamson with his hot new chilli burgers

A hot chilli and sundried tomato beefburger made by a Rothbury butcher is drawing national acclaim.  made it to the final of a national competition.

Morris Adamson who owns Rothbury Family Butchers entered England’s Best Burger 2012, but didn’t expect his exotic creation to attract any attention.  In fact, he thought it would be too hot and spicy for the judges’ tastes.

But Morris’ barbecue burger has won a gold award in the contest and will face off against 29 of the nation’s best for the coveted title in May.

Morris explained that like very butcher he produces the normal range of burgers, things like beef, pork and apple.

“We made a completely new burger for the competition with a recipe we’d not tried before and we were going in a bit blind, but I’m overwhelmed by its success.”

The burger is flavoured with chilli flakes and sweet chilli sauce and Morris said he thought the burger might have too much chilli in it – but the judges loved it.

The 30 gold-winning burgers, produced by 23 independent companies, will now face off with a winner being declared at the Meat Management Awards in London on May 24.

The new chilli burgers are selling very well

The new chilli burgers are selling very well

Morris said he had not advertised the fact we’ve got this burger, but since the success it has become a hot seller!

“With the barbecue season coming, burger sales do increase dramatically and it’s nice that we can offer something a little different.”

Burgers entered into England’s Best Burger Challenge could be made from beef, veal, lamb or mutton from an assured source compliant with the Red Tractor, Eblex Quality Standard.

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