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Tiny Tales exhibition explores Holy Island’s Lindsfarne Castle history

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The National Trust's Tiny Tales is set to open at Lindisfarne Castle in September

The National Trust’s Tiny Tales is set to open at Lindisfarne Castle in September

An exhibition featuring tiny figures will reveal the magic and majesty of Lindisfarne Castle on Holy Island beginning on Sept 8.

Running until Nov. 4, Tiny Tales is an exhibition that features tiny figures, created by artist and prop maker Laura Johnson. The tiny figures will reveal the story of the majestic castle’s rich and diverse history, from lime kiln workers to cellists and architects to royalty.

This is the first ever exhibition for Laura, and for the National Trust’s Lindisfarne Castle. Explained Clare Ashby, Visitor Services Supervisor for the National Trust at Lindisfarne Castle: “Tiny Tales is the first large scale exhibition of miniature figures that Laura has produced and it is the first art exhibition the castle has staged. It will capture some of the history behind the castle, including some of its past visitors, and highlight stories of Lindisfarne that can go unnoticed amidst its unique architectural history.”

Laura is a freelance prop maker and works mostly at London’s Pinewood Studios, where she creates props for advertising, television and for the film industry. Her most recent work includes film projects such as Sherlock Holmes and the latest James Bond movie.

Laura began working in miniature while at Manchester University. She began working in miniature creating multiple figures that can be captured through the lens. These figures have developed over the years and have been exhibited at The People’s History Museum and Quarry Bank Mill in Manchester.

She said: “The reason for working on this tiny scale is the challenge of creating details as small as possible. There’s nothing more endearing than capturing a scene in miniature and making the image fun rather than ordinary.

“Some of the rooms inside Lindisfarne Castle are quite small, so what better place to discover a delightful miniature world? From lime kiln workers to cellists, from architects to royalty, the building has been a fort, a castle and a home to a wide variety of people who will be recreated in stunning miniature form, in the context through which they experienced the castle.”

The idea for the exhibition first came when the Castle’s Property Manager Simon Lee saw some of Laura’s miniature figures a couple of years ago at Quarry Bank Mill in Cheshire. In the last decade Simon has been responsible for bringing some the greatest names in art, music and photography to exhibit with the National Trust including Bryan Adams, Ronnie Wood, Patrick Litchfield, Terry O Neill, Andy Summers and Guillemots.

“I love Laura’s work,” he exclaimed. “I have only recently moved to work at Lindisfarne Castle but it seemed the perfect place for this type of exhibition. The combination of her miniature figures and the rich history of the castle is such an unusual approach to telling stories in an artistic and creative fashion we just had to give it go.”

Claire continued: “This is going to be an amazing exhibition and we are delighted to be working with Laura on such a unique venture. Her miniature figures will capture the imagination of all ages so there really is something for everyone to enjoy!”

The exhibition will open Sept. 8 and run until Nov. 4. Normal admission times and charges apply. More information:

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