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Hadrian’s Wall to be lit with Connecting Light

Other posts by  |  Sheelagh Caygill on Google+ |  April 28, 2012 | 0 Comments
Early artist's concept image for Connecting Light, based on an original image of Housesteads Craggs @ Roger Clegg

Early artist's concept image for Connecting Light, based on an original image of Housesteads Craggs @ Roger Clegg

The North of England will have be lit by a communication bridge of light when an art installation on Hadrian’s Wall is lit up as part of the London 2012 Festival.

The art installation is at Hadrian’s Wall will be called Connecting Light and will take place on August 31 – September 1.  It is part of a 12-week nationwide celebration bringing together artists from around the globe and the best from across the UK.

The art installation for the wall is being designed by arts collective YesYesNo with Zachary Lieberman, based in New York, US. YesYesNo excells in the creation of engaging, magical installations that combine creativity and artistic vision. They use cutting-edge technology in their work.

Zachary said his concept is to create a digital platform by which messages can be communicated the entire length of the Wall. “The goal is to understand the Wall in a modern context and imagine the Wall not as a barrier but as a bridge, as a means of connecting rather than dividing.

“The installation serves as a low res fibre optic line connecting both coasts of England and allowing messages to spread in either direction,” he added. “People will be able to interact at sites along the Wall and as well as all over the world through the internet.”

Linda Tuttiett, chief executive of Hadrian’s Wall Heritage, said: “We want to inspire a worldwide conversation of people’s thoughts on all aspects of borders and frontiers in their lives today, and we will be able to communicate the importance of the World Heritage Site and showcase our inspirational northern landscapes and fantastic heritage to new audiences around the world.”

Using a series of tethered weather balloons, approximately 6ft in diameter and lit by internal LED lights, the installation will become a line of pulsating colours as messages are sent along the Wall. The installation will be visible in the evening and accessible to visitors at several locations. It is being designed to be viewed remotely all over the world using digital media. Messages sent across the Wall can be made visible through smartphones, i-pads and tablets and detailed information will be available at a number of visitor sites.

Development work is now underway in collaboration with Newcastle University’s Culture Lab. Zachary has been made a visiting professor at the university.

Full details of times and visiting locations for Connecting Light will be available in early summer. The installation will be live from Friday 31 August to Saturday 1 September.

Nationally, the London 2012 Festival opens on June 21. Connecting Light is at Hadrian’s Wall on Aug. 31 – Sept. 1.

For more information on the London 2012 festival programme which spans music, theatre, dance, visual arts, literature, film and fashion, visit


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