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Care for Northumbrian frog spawn and prevent disease

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Frog's need special attention and care to help them survive

Frog's need special attention and care to help them survive

Northumberland Wildlife Trust is urging people to treat frog spawn with special care and be aware of ponds in order to prevent a conservation catastrophe across the North of England.

In the spring, gardeners are tidying up ponds and may move frog spawn from one pond to another.  However,  movement of frog spawn can cause to severe contamination. It can also threaten frogs, toads and newts living in an area.

In particular, frogs can be at risk from two deadly diseases. The first is chytrid fungus which clogs a frog’s pores and, because frogs  breathe through their skin, will cause them to choke. Chytrid fungus has caused many amphibian extinctions in parts of the world.

The second disease which is also deadly is commonly referred to as ‘red legs’. It causes the skin to drop off a frog’s legs,  subjecting them to a very slow and painful death. Worryingly, red legs is increasing in parts of the UK and there is no known cure.

Kevin O’Hara, Conservation Officer at Northumberland Wildlife Trust, said: “Our message is very simple – when it comes to excessive frog spawn, please leave it where it is as nature will sort it out.”




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Photo caption Frog in pond, photo Becky Johnson


Northumberland Wildlife Trust


Northumberland Wildlife Trust is the largest environmental charity in the region working to safeguard native wildlife. One of 47 Wildlife Trusts across the UK, Northumberland Wildlife Trust has campaigned for nature

conservation for over 40 years. It aims to inform, educate and involve people of all ages and backgrounds in protecting their environment in

favour of wildlife and conservation.


Supported by over 13,000 individual and 100 corporate members in the region, Northumberland Wildlife Trust manages and protects critical species and habitats at over 60 nature reserves throughout Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumberland.




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