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Be part of the Kielder osprey watch

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The ospreys in their nest at Kielder

The ospreys in their nest at Kielder

Are you a keen follower of the ospreys at Kielder? A big fan of Northumbria wildlife? If so, now is your chance to get involved in the fourth osprey watch at Leaplish Waterside Park.

Northumberland Wildlife Trust’s call for osprey volunteers

Northumberland Wildlife Trust is sending out a call for volunteers to help with the watch. From July 7 – August 11 a team of volunteers from the wildlife charity will be spending each weekend and Tuesday and Wednesday staffing an information point complete with information boards and telescopes set up for visitors to view the birds at their leisure.

It is a very busy day but very rewarding and a great opportunity to meet new people. Hours are from between 9.30am and 4.30pm.

For the past three years, breeding pairs of ospreys have arrived in Kielder in March and early April and stay until early Autumn.

Ospreys return to Kielder in Northumberland

Osprey activity at the nest is for the most part in July and August. Then, the chicks hatch, are fed, learn to fly and hunt. Ospreys spend their first few years in Africa, but they eventually return to the area of their birth. It’s highly likely then that the first offspring who were raised in the region three years ago making a return visit.

If you are not an expert don’t worry. Full training will be given and all new volunteers will be in a team of three with members who have volunteered in previous years.

Last year, there were visitors who had never used a telescope before and knew little about birds. Others arrived with their own kits and had been touring all the reserves in the region.  Regardless, whatever the level of knowledge, everybody appreciated the help from the volunteers and the opportunity they were given to view the osprey nest.

If you are interested, please contact Lou Chapman, Northumberland Wildlife Trust Volunteer Co-ordinator, on 0191 284 6884 or via email at Or you can head to the Northumberland Wildlife Trust Osprey information session Kielder Castle on Thursday May 17 at 10am. Place need to be booked, so again, contact Lou Chapman.


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