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Travellers set to give London a miss in 2012

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With hotel prices in London set to soar during the 2012 Olympics, the British are looking to trips away to avoid high hotel costs, according to, the holiday planning website.

The service states that that many British tourists will avoid London during the month of the 2012 Olympics because of the high rates hotels in the capital are charging. Trmany avelmatch says it believes that people will be looking for a range of cheap holidays or other popular tourist destinations.

Data released by the Telegraph this month shows that many hotels in London will be asking for almost three times the amount that they usually charge. Standard rates for rooms between July 27 and August 12, 2012 will rise dramatically.

Alex Francis of Travelmatch says: “The tremendous increase in the price of hotel rooms in the capital will lure Brits to foreign destinations, which have more reasonable hotel rates. The cost of just one night in London during this period would pay for an entire week on an all inclusive holiday to Spain.”

Tom Jenkins, chief executive of the European Tour Operators Association, told the Telegraph that theatres in the capital were expecting a 70 per cent dip in business during the Olympic period. This indicates that this sector is expecting local tourism to decrease during the summer of 2012.

Businesses in the North of England and Scottish Borders tourism  hope that they will benefit from the influx of visitors to the North who visit Newcastle, visit Northumberland and visit NewcastleGateshead. A lot of cottage agencies hope that Northumberland cottages will benefit from the many visitors who will come north, too.



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