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Serving up a taste of Britain for Olympic-sized appetites

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Swallow Fish kippers of Seahouses could benefit from the Must Be British drive ©

A campaign has been launched to get British-grown food on menus across the country during the 2012 Olympic games.

People across the UK should take pride in their food industry, say campaigners attempting to boost interest in home-grown food in time for the Olympics in London.

The Must Be British drive could keep millions of pounds in the national economy, according to How it Should be (HiSbe), the Brighton-based social enterprise behind the initiative.

HiSbe founders Ruth and Amy Anslow launched the venture in April 2011. The London 2012 Olympics is expected to bring more than 300,000 additional tourists to the UK, many of whom will travel around the British Isles to places including The Scottish Borders and Northumberland.

Must Be British says that this will present all kinds of pubs, restaurants, bistros and cafes with a chance to show the best of British food.

Hundreds of people have pledged their support for Must be British on hiSbe’s website, which also includes a blog on food sustainability. Social networking is helping to grow the campaign’s momentum. “Our Twitter hashtag, #MustBeBritish is being picked up by farmers and foodies in support of local and seasonal British food,” said Ruth.

HiSbe hopes that long-term, the campaign will show the UK food industry that the demand for home-grown food exists and that dependency on imports from other countries can be reduced.

“We want to contribute to creating a Great British food legacy for the Olympics, but also increase awareness and demand for British food that continues well after the games are over,” Ruth added.

If you are a food producer in The Sottish Borders and Northumberland, go to and follow the Twitter hashtag #MustBeBritish to see how you can get involved.


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