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Newcastle: Tax Investigations

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In the United Kingdom, citizens are expected to pay taxes. As part of this a government office known as HM Revenue and Customs or HMRC was established to insure that proper taxes were collected.

As a result the HM Revenue and Customs was granted a wide range of powers of investigation. Whenever this agency is looking into your finances, it is a good idea to have some sort of legal counsel.

The law firm of Irwin Mitchell is able to assist clients whose finances are being scrutinized by the HMRC. In order to facilitate these services more effectively, Irwin Mitchell has established office in major cities in the U.K. One office is located in Newcastle which not only serves that city but other areas of Northern England as well.

The Newcastle office provides tax investigation representation. The solicitors that are part of this team are able to educate clients regarding their rights. They can also help explain the complex laws that govern this area. In the event you have a claim made against you, the solicitors can also gather evidentiary material as well as secure witnesses to provide you with a defence.

In many situations, it a client is found to have committed some sort of fraud according to the HMRC, the matter can be settled out of court. The Newcastle office of Irwin Mitchell has partnered with top of the line accounting firms to consult regarding these types of cases. The solicitors and accountants work together to decrease the chance of prosecution as well as the amount of taxes that might be owed to the government.

The team at Irwin Mitchell in Newcastle already has extensive experience in this area. They have represented individual citizens as well as high profile corporations. They can help negotiation settlement agreements. Representation of clients at a tax tribunal is another service they can assist clients with. The solicitors can also conduct investigations.

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This is a sponsored feature by Irwin Mitchell – offering legal advice on a wide range of issues, including taxation.

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