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Values and passion create new Northumberland venture

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Wild Northumbrian Tipis and Yurts is set to open at the end of March, 2012

Wild Northumbrian Tipis and Yurts is set to open at the end of March, 2012

By Robert Hersey, Wild Northumbrian

There’s a new and unique place in Northumberland. A place that’s unique in its breathtaking landscape, people, ethos and accommodation. 

The place is Wild Northumbrian in Northumberland National Park. It is more than just another campsite or another “Glamping” destination. For me it is embodying something bigger: a way of life, a way of thinking about both the natural world and the people and community who live along side it. It’s about making connections, a place to create and sustain a relationship between people and place. 

Wild Northumbrian came into being as an idea long ago when I used to take children from London on week long camps into my treasured childhood haunts in Redesdale. A place of old birch woods, a little river of many secret places, rapids, runs, deep pools. Of fells full of the long babbling calls of curlews, ravines, long forgotten ruined villages. A place suffused with bloody history.

I was always pleased that no-one ever knew about these places. The car streamed past on the A68 to Scotland seemingly blind to the beauty of this valley and Northumberland. Yet another feeling held me too – to let others into the secrets of this landscape. The camps were my chance to connect children with these wild places. 

Today, Wild Northumbrian grows from that idea in another neighboring valley. Where amongst the fells, woods and meadows of Tarset, north of Hexham, Northumberland, we are trying to make a space where visitors can reconnect with nature and the community in a sustainable, mutually beneficial way. We want visitors to feel part of a living community, to feel they are invited to take part, interact and contribute to local events. To feel connected to this wonderful place we feel so privileged to live in. 

Every element of this project is carefully researched to stay committed to being kind to our environment, sensitive to the local community and caring/learning from our wonderfully diverse wildlife and landscape.

In the foreground are Victoria and Robert Hersey and their daughter Chloe

In the foreground are Victoria and Robert Hersey and their daughter Chloe

We do not want to harm what we love. We want to work with our landscape. That is why our accommodation is organic, temporary and without any harmful materials. Visitors are given every opportunity to leave their car too and take part in a great range of bike trails, guided walks, wildlife and bushcraft days. 

So what will we talk about each month? We want to make our column reflect and question the journey we are on with our Wild Northumbrian project. To live from heart is incredibly difficult in this world but our business is based on our passion and commitment to create something unique, altruistic and sustainable.

Follow us as we connect guests and visitors to our community and this wild place. Follow the changing seasons,the comings and goings of our diverse wildlife, landscape and community . . . the frantic preparation for the opening and the exciting adventures thereafter. 

Tarset valley, Northumberland @ W. F. Millar

Tarset valley, Northumberland © W. F. Millar


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