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Photography Classes in North East England with Keith Moss

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Keith Moss leads photography courses and works with students in Northumberland

Photographer Keith Moss works with a student at one of his photography courses

Northumberland has a strong history of inspiring artists and photographers. For years people have come here to capture the beauty and mystery of a place with a turbulent past that now offers peace and tranquillity.

The only drama you’ll find here today is an amazingly diverse landscape that includes stunning coastlines, romantic castles, and rolling hills with deep, lush green valleys under big open skies.

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Keith Moss Photography is an official Artisan Partner to the Black and White Photography giant Illford Photo, in teaching Analogue Photography Courses.

But photographing this place isn’t always easy. To get the best results a landscape photographer needs the right mix of skills to capture the beauty of Northumberland, North East England, or the Scottish Borders. Technical, visual and creative skills need to work together in harmony so that you can produce brilliant images you’ll be proud of and even want to frame.

Keith Moss Photography in Teesside has been teaching photography for ten years, and can give you the perfect level of photography guidance and tuition, regardless of your level of expertise. If you are a brand new beginner and have never held a camera before or are a competent photographer and want to develop your skills (or are somewhere in between), Keith Moss Photography has the right course for you.

“I have been teaching photography for 10 years now,” said Keith. “The thing I find most rewarding is seeing people evolve and become much more confident with their ability as a photographer. I can’t think of anything more gratifying than meeting someone who’s not sure about something and working with them for a few hours and seeing that person gain a real sense of achievement and just love what they have learnt and can do with a camera.”

Keith Moss Photography will travel to where you live or are visiting in Northumberland or the Borders to provide classes in a workshop format. He offers six types of courses: basic digital single lens reflex (DSLR)* photography workshops; intermediate DSLR workshops; one-to-one courses and workshops; black and white film and darkroom workshops; and fine art black and white photography workshops.

The basic workshop is the right starting place for people who have never used a camera or who have limited digital camera experience. Just as the name implies, it is a basic and practical workshop covering all the fundamental elements of the digital single lens reflex camera and how to get good photos. This workshop will cover basic camera functions, aperture, depth of field, shutter speed, ISO and how to use a hand-held light meter. All these things will be covered individually, but additionally you’ll understand how each element works in relation to the other.

Keith Moss photography workshop

Keith leads a recent workshop. The atmosphere is relaxed yet focused and participants learn a great deal on Keith’s courses.

The Keith Moss Intermediate Photography Workshop is one level up from the basic DSLR workshop, although you don’t have to have taken Keith’s Basic course to register for this workshop. However, you do have to have some knowledge of digital photography and feel reasonably comfortable with a digital SLR. At this workshop Keith will give a review of basic skills and then participants will become familiar with white balance, hot shoe flash and fill-in flash. Both the intermediate and basic courses can accommodate a minimum six participants each.

If you want a much more personal approach to guidance and learning, a one-on-one workshop is an ideal way to learn about photography or advance your skills. You will receive Keith’s utmost attention and he will make sure you have the best possible experience. Keith’s objective will be to make sure you become as successful as you can in whatever area of photography you wish to study. One-to-one courses can be for a half-day or a full day and can be tailored for any level of experience.

Most people today use digital cameras, but there are still some people who choose to work with film or who want to master film photography before moving to digital or would simply like to experience using film. A black and white film darkroom course is the ideal workshop at which to master film. Keith Moss works with Ilford Photo in presenting Master classes to college teachers and lecturers, students and enthusiasts, including competition winners. At this workshop you will learn how to create and process black and white images. The course covers processing, printing on Ilford paper, and care of negatives. This course can either be done in one single day or during a weekend, at which the content will be more detailed and in-depth. The weekend course has the added benefit of allowing participants to shoot film on day one. Day two will allow you to experience the excitement; emotion and creativity of seeing your work come to life in a darkroom. Because of the facilities and equipment required, these courses are offered only at Keith’s studio, near Saltburn, Teesside.

Keith Moss Photography also offers courses for businesses that need to photograph products, buildings, outdoor scenes, equipment or staff members. If you have an e-commerce website a photography course is an essential investment in order to make products look their best online.

Whatever your needs, Keith and his team can work with you and support you as you master your chosen area. They are committed to making sure that your experience is first-class and you are happy with your photography and keen to learn more.

Contact Keith Moss Photography on 01287 679655, or view find out more about his courses here: Keith’s main website is here: You can find Keith and his team on Facebook here:, and follow Keith on Twitter: Browse through some of his superb images on Flickr:

* What is a single lens reflex camera? It’s a camera that uses a mirror and prism so that the user can view through the lens and see exactly what image will be captured. A non-SLR camera uses a viewfinder, and with this type of camera the image could be significantly different from what will be captured.

  • This article is brought to you by Keith Moss Photography.

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