Accommodation Search for Northumberland and Scottish Borders
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Once Brewed Hostel, Northumberland National Park

Once Brewed Hostel @ Northumberland National Park

Northumberland/Borders rugged spirit meets the 21st century and so you will find hostels that provide comfort, warmth and quality at a fraction of the cost of hostels in the south of England.

Put that offer together with some awesome countryside and you will be making a hostelling holiday here a priority.

As well as hostels, many accommodation providers such as Springhill Farm now offer bunkhouses and camping pods – a new take on hostelling.

One of the newest additions to our hostelling offer is the Alnwick Youth Hostel, opened in June 2011. It’s busier than expected so if you plan to stay, be sure to book ahead.

If you are planning family gathering or mile-stone birthday, hire a hostel (or part of) and enjoy a group stay.

For those seeking a back-to-nature holiday filled with activities such as walking or cycling, hostelling in England’s most northerly county is a must. Find smiling faces, new friends, and a very comfortable bed at for the night.

Our new hostels listings page will be live soon!